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Corporate-class email at small-business prices.

With Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, you can give your employees rich and efficient access to e-mail, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more—no matter where they are or what type of device they are using - from iPhone and iPad through Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more.

And have no worries, you will have the full support of a migration team to securely transition the information in your on-premise servers or your current cloud provider to Omega's Exchange hosting absolutely FREE - it couldn't be easier!

Reliability & Security

In addition to regular backups, we replicate the Exchange 2010 data in real time from one set of premium hardware to another. This protects the critical information your business keeps within Exchange, even in the event of hardware failure or database corruption. It also enables us to rapidly restore the full functionality of your Exchange environment should an issue occur.

Multiple redundant, enterprise-class firewall systems integrate firewall, VPN and traffic management to prevent unwarranted intrusions and ensure only authorized users access your Exchange environment. We also use an intrusion detection system (IDS) to detect malicious network traffic and computer usage that often cannot be caught by a conventional firewall.

We invest a great deal more in physical security than most IT organizations could ever afford. Your exchange services are hosted in a premium data center and is closely monitored and guarded 24x7x365 with sophisticated pan/tilt closed-circuit TVs. Secure access is strictly enforced using the very latest technology, including electronic man-trap devices between lobby and datacenter, motion sensors, and controlled ID key-cards. Security guards are stationed at every entrance to the site.

Built-in Protection

Exchange Server 2010 provides built-in protective technologies to keep your business moving, reduce spam and viruses, enable confidential communications, and help your company to be compliant.

Anti-spam: All Exchange accounts include our advanced antispam software, to provide the ultimate in spam protection at no cost.

Virus-Stopper: We provide comprehensive managed antivirus protection of all Exchange mailboxes, free of charge. This advanced software catches 99.999 percent of all viruses that could potentially infiltrate and harm your mailboxes and Exchange environment.

Content filtering: You have the ability to limit email content to comply with acceptable business use policies, company, state and federal communications regulations.

Encrypted mail: Email between mailboxes on our system is natively encrypted.

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps communication alive and e-mail flowing with enterprise-class availability and reliability.
  • Helps safeguard users and the organisation from the harmful effects of spam and viruses.
  • Provides trusted communications automatically and without added cost or complexity.
  • Simplifies the regulatory compliance needs of employees, compliance managers, and messaging administrators.

Anywhere Access

With Exchange Server 2010, employees get anywhere access* to their e-mail, voice mail, calendars, and contacts from a variety of clients and mobile devices.


Key Benefits:

  • Increases the productivity of employees who require the ability to respond quickly at home, work, or on the go.
  • Offers a single inbox to access all of their important communications—including voice mail, fax, and e-mail—while avoiding the cost and effort of maintaining separate systems.
  • Delivers a familiar Microsoft Office Outlook experience across different devices and clients with no requirement for extra software or services outside of an Internet or basic phone connection.
  • Improves collaboration and productivity by making it easier to find and share data, documents, and schedules from anywhere.

Operational Efficiency

Exchange Server 2010 enables new levels of operational efficiency through capabilities that optimize hardware and networking investments and features that help make administrators more productive.


Key Benefits:

  • Gets more from hardware, software, and network investments through the power of x64 computing and bandwidth-optimising routing algorithms
  • Improves administrator productivity by making it easier to find and fix problems, and automate tasks more simply
  • Drives deployment efficiencies with automatic client connections, a new server roles-based architecture, and improved diagnostics and monitoring
  • Simplifies integrating Exchange Server data within line-of-business applications and third-party solutions through new Exchange Web Services

The Outlook Experience

In addition to benefits and capabilities described above, Exchange Server offers the best integration with the broadest range of clients. Exchange Server supports a complete Outlook experience, from Outlook on the desktop to Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile, and the new Outlook Voice Access, a feature of Exchange Unified Messaging. Exchange Server also integrates with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and other Office applications as well as third-party systems and devices. 

SUPIRIOR Service & Support Included

Our service and support is really what makes us different. As our Mission Statement says we are committed to excellence, shared success, and personal and professional growth. These are the values by which we live every day and allows Omega to RISE above the rest.


Benefits of Omega

  • SUPERIOR Support!
  • Over 20 years of industry experience.
  • Professional services staff fully certified.